Riches Untold.

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In•ner•ism (in’er-iz’m), n. 1 The practice of planning, visiting and participating in the events and venues of one’s community. 2 The encouraging and promoting of innering. 3 The act of being inclusive in the marketing and coordination of events by organized groups within a given community, for the sole purpose of setting a tone for attracting tourists to that locality.

For a tourist visiting a particular community, there’s nothing more positive than encountering a friendly, enthusiastic resident who shows deep love and respect for his or her place and culture.

Alternately, there’s nothing more negative than indifference, dispassion and unfriendliness.

A community’s inhabitants are by far the best salespeople for that community. If they’re fully engaged in their community, informed about it, and attracted to their own amenities, culture and heritage, their enthusiasm and knowledge will likely affect visitors in a positive way. Those visitors will likely stay longer, not to mention the memories they’ll take home and share with others who may, in turn, visit that same community themselves.


Innerism is multifaceted. It is a philosophy, a plan, and strategic initiative every NTHA partner can use as a catalyst to effect positive change. If you’d like to learn how to put innerism to work in your area of opportunity, a consultation with NTHA is a good place to begin.