The heritage found in urban and rural America strengthens disadvantaged regions that are being redeveloped, and communities across the country are being reunited.

Leslie R. Doggett

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What We Do

For Communities

Practically every community has a unique and priceless heritage. Additionally, every community has not just one, but many stories, bound by their culture and physical surroundings.

Perhaps there’s an important building in need of restoration, infrastructure improvement, or preservation in a particular community. NTHA can connect that community with a consortium of resources and people to help resurrect their building and transform it into a source of pride and prosperity. NTHA maintains relationships with experts from all walks of life, from archivists to historians to surveyors to environmentalists and many others.

Whether it’s a structure, a local eating place, a specific way of life, a work of art, a book, a boat, an expanses of land, or a body of water, the source of any community’s heritage can be virtually without limitation and NTHA can help bring it to light.

When communities are ready to market their heritage, we can also be a valuable source for education and training about the tourism industry. Our knowledge is expansive, and our relationships within the industry are diverse. In the areas of marketing and promotion, we can offer counsel, as well as professional resources. Assisting with special heritage and tourism-related projects is also a top priority for NTHA.

“Come See Yourself America.”

For the Tourism Industry

We can serve as a reliable source of information for destinations that may not be on everyone’s “been there, done that” list. By working with communities to help them promote their heritage, we’ll have first-hand information on which new tourist and historical attractions might offer the freshest and most interesting experiences for visitors.

NTHA will also serve as a vital link between communities and the tourism industry, advocating good will, collaboration and partnerships with various groups, including national and international organizations and their local chapters. Local, state and federal economic development agencies are included in this partnership. Our reach will extend from the U.S. into Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and Africa.

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